An introduction to electronic commerce and internet privacy

Any ecommerce company that provides you with an online web store will require you to have SSL before you can use their services.

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The consumer reviews the bids and selects the company. The need for fast and reliable information exchange has certainly fueled the growth of the Internet so far. This gives users and applications transparent access to data, computation, and other resources across collections of multi-vendor, heterogeneous systems.

Elance is an example of this. The agents are intelligent because they have contingency plans of action. No pre-processing is necessary, although there is an increasing need for programs to interpret the message.

As on-line databases migrate to consumer information utilities, consumers and information professionals will have to keep up with the knowledge, and owner-ship of all these systems.

The goal is for the applications to send a request to the middleware layer, which then satisfies the request any way it can, using remote information. When someone purchases any merchandise and pays for it by cash, the merchant trusts that these bills are legal tender, not counterfeit, and will be accepted when he tenders them for deposit or purchase.

There is some evidence to indicate Internet community will welcome government intervention on this matter.

Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)

If action is postponed, both the industry and consumers will have to deal with the consequences of reactionary regulation in the very near future. A classic example of a directory is the telephone White Pages, which allows us to locate people and telephone numbers.

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Transparency is essential for dealing with higher-level issues than physical media and interconnection that the underlying network infrastructure is in charge of.

The same thing is happening with computing devices. The basics for registering a domain name are: E-commerce can take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They come inside all the things we use every day. To achieve data-centric computing, middleware services focus on three elements: Because of the lack of standards, there is often no interoperability between different messaging vendors leading to islands of messaging.

Messaging is well suited for both client server and peer-to-peer computing models. These concerns are in the areas of: Given the potential for abuse, it is only a matter of time before legislation will mandate privacy and security mechanisms.

Any system using currency has deep-seated trust.Commerce was and is the exchange of goods or services and money between suppliers and customers. Modern information and communication technologies have revolutionized the commercial world.

The book gives a sound Pages: A. Introduction. The creation of the Internet as a global network has raised significant jurisdictional issues at both the US interstate and international levels. The broadest definition of e-commerce is "the conduct of transactions by electronic means." In the interest of water safety, this series will sail in a smaller pond.

We will focus specifically on purchases of goods and services from online stores on the Web. With the commercialization of the Internet in the early s and its rapid growth to millions of potential customers, the term electronic commerce was coined, and EC applications expanded rapidly.

One reason for the rapid expansion of the technology was the development of networks, protocols, software, and specifications.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce -- electronic commerce or EC -- is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or.

Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective.


Introduction Electronic commerce is a revolution in business practices. If organizations are going to take advantage of new extent of a firm's Internet usage, explaining how electronic commerce can address the three strategic challenges.

An introduction to electronic commerce and internet privacy
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