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Do high-achieving minority students have fewer, less-popular friends than lower-achieving peers? Over the long run, the group faces the danger that its most successful members will no longer identify with its interests, and group identity will itself erode. The results of my studies, of course, point in precisely the opposite direction.

A Private-School Edge The patterns described thus far essentially characterize social dynamics of public-school students, who constitute 94 percent of the students in the Adhealth sample.

Instead of people blatantly shouting out their bigoted racist ideals, it became glances, stares, hushed comments, daily interactions, and subtle social divides that prove to me that though America claims to be a post-racial society, racism is still very much alive, although maybe not as visibly venomous as it used to be.

These factors include parental education and occupation and participation in various school activities, such as varsity sports, student government, and cheerleading. Alternately, peer groups accept individuals based on social features without regard for their inherent abilities as workers.

Moreover, the response to a single educational signal can differ dramatically between employers—who have reason to value education—and social groups, who may be wary of more educated individuals.

It's time to abandon the 'acting white' theory once and for all

But having lived dutifully under this "act white" code while still experiencing racist encounters, I find it ridiculous when people assert over and over again that the race problem in America isn't so much a race problem as something stemming from the way that African Americans talk, act, or present themselves.

The theory provides a simple name for the hurdle that they had to overcome just to make it to college.

'Acting White'

According to its proponents, black and Hispanic cultures are dysfunctional, punishing successful members of their group rather than rewarding their success. But the fact of the matter is that, with that, what we are truly saying is that what is hindering black people is the fact that they are black.

Other observers, however, place the blame for acting white squarely on the shoulders of blacks.

It's time to abandon the 'acting white' theory once and for all

The integrated school, by itself, apparently cannot achieve that end. I divide schools into two groups of equal size: I then adjusted these raw counts to reflect the fact that some friends count more than others.

It may also help us understand the shortage of minority students in most elite colleges and universities. Within a group, the more successful individuals can be expected to enhance the power and cohesion of the group as long as their loyalty is not in question.

The students in Dear White People live and learn in an integrated setting without racial parity, just like those Fryer studied. Harvard University show that rather than reflecting some inherent dysfunction in individuals or communities, this phenomenon could result from perfectly rational individuals responding in the best way possible to their social and economic realities.

There are many opportunities in schools for students to self-select into activities, including organized sports, cheerleading, student government, band, and the National Honor Society, that should put them in contact with students with similar interests.

And it's not as if I felt pushed into this without liking it. Indeed, negative peer-group pressure has emerged as a common explanation for the black-white achievement gap, a gap that cannot be explained away by differences in demographic characteristics alone.Bill Cosby puts all African Americans in the category of ignorant and ghetto, living in the lower class.

In the text he often attacks single mothers with no father in the household.

Acting White A. Introductory paragraph 1.

“Acting White”

Stuart's conception of acting white is defined. a. This term is used by African American students who view other African American students excelling in. On the contrary, Fryer concluded that – unlike the freshman comp essays I read semester in and semester out – “acting white” is a charge that.

Acting “Is you is or is you ain’t black?” This is a question that many African Americans may have asked or be asking themselves.

Because the black image is distorted in the media, and the culture in general, to look and be only a certain way, anything that differs from this /5(1). Jul 24,  · Watch video · Crystal Wright is tired of blacks putting down other blacks by saying they are "acting white". Jun 22,  · New Evidence of Acting White.

Even after taking into account many factors that affect student popularity, evidence remains strong that acting white is a genuine issue and worthy of Senator Obama’s attention. Figure 1, which plots the underlying relationship between popularity and achievement, shows large differences among whites.

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