Genograms and ecomaps

Connections Genograms and ecomaps be drawn to the family circle as a whole or to one individual in the family if there is one person involved with that system.

Line thickness can also be used to show the intensity of the relationship. Genograms and ecomaps are two visual ways to represent relationships and information about a person. For example, a genogram will not only show that a person called Paul and his wife Lily have three children, but that their eldest child was sent to boarding school; that their middle child is always in conflict with her mother; that their youngest has juvenile diabetes; that Paul suffered from depressionwas an alcoholicand a philosopher; and that Lily has not spoken to her brother for years, has breast cancer, and has a history of quitting her jobs.

Family members become enmeshed and sometimes depressed as there is no new input to energise relationships and thinking.

Simple Guide to Eco-Maps

They allow individual family members to develop independent relationships whilst maintaining family connections. Try this valuable and useful application for clinical, educational and forensic use. Lines can indicate marriages, divorces, engagements, affairs, friendship, love, hostility, abuse and other types of relationships.

A dashed line shows the relationship is distant. Is this family open to new experiences or relationships? A family genogram diagrams the interpersonal intergenerational system of a person and family. Special focus will be on the Einstein-Maric love letters, the writings regarding human rights, creativity and imagination, peace, global cooperation based on respect for the individual, the wonder of nature and the universe as we consider the role of humanity in it, and what other theorists, theologians, philosophers and everyday people share and say about Einsteinian thinking, as well.

What energy is going into work with the family and is it having any measurable results? If the influence flows only one way, the arrow is on one end.

Know Wonder!

Relationships might be depicted as close or distant, strong or weak, one-sided or mutual. Do they have access to good health care? A multiple systems, integrated and wholistic approach is increasingly valued in every context, for alert, informed human service. Then draw a line to represent the quality of the relationship between the family member and the environmental system that has been identified as above.

Genogram Basics A genogram is a type of family tree with additional details to provide more information about your family history.

Genograms & Ecomaps

Other areas you can explore include: How simple is that! Ed Friedman, see belowto our missions to the moon and neighboring planets, to our journeys within the nucleus of a cell. Does the family protect its members when necessary and allow differentiation when appropriate? Ecomaps are useful assessment tools because they also assist clients in describing, organizing, and understanding the ways in which the client relates to and with each of the systems in their lives.

Both genograms and ecomaps may need to be updated regularly since relationships often change. Einstein's concepts and achievements allowed us, wondering scientist and layperson alike, to begin to see and appreciate our solar system and indeed the entire universe in a new relational way.

What does an Eco-map tell us? It is especially hoped that this discussion will bring together a wide and diverse audience, from laypersons to physicists interested in promoting lay understanding of Einstein, to men and women involved in behavioral and social services, humanities, history and international relations, people interested in the Einstein-Maric love letters and their children, to thoughtful and interested high school and college students, because of the Einsteins' special thoughts on education and youth, and others.

As with Bowen, Hartman's work evolved in a climate of the work of many other theorists working in what is commonly called the "systems" or "systemic" school of family theory, which in turn grew out of general systems theory, which was being applied in many other fields, from physics to anthropology and biology.

Genograms & Ecomaps

Many people have seen time-lapsed weather maps and flow diagrams of our earth, maps and diagrams of star systems and galaxies, biological and ecological maps and diagrams of lake, shore and river and land-water-air relational systems, even diagrams and maps of the journey of DNA and RNA in a dividing or living cell.

If a family unit remains closed, there is the risk that it may disintegrate altogether. Are there areas of need that are not being met and is there capcity to access needed support within the local community?

We at WonderWare, Inc. Are the family boundaries permeable and porous? Arrowheads should also be used at the end of each line to indicate the direction in which resources flow or the level of mutuality of the relationship. Next, smaller circles drawn around the client represent each of the people, groups, institutions, and entities with which the client is in relationship.

Different types of lines can connect people to give additional details about their relationship.Ecomap examples created easily with Genogram Analytics software.

Genogram Analytics Software is a clean, user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to create even complex genograms and ecomaps. Order online tocay! Ecomaps were developed in by Dr. Ann Hartman who is also credited with creating the genogram. A cornerstone of the social work profession is joining with clients from a strengths-based and client-centered perspective, forming a relationship in which client and clinician work together toward client self-determination and empowerment.

The Ecomap – A Social Work Assessment Tool

For this reason, most ecomaps start with a very basic genogram. Determine relevant social and environmental systems. Identify individual(s) and organizations who have a family connection or play a role in the client's life.

Genogram Analytics is a full featured application for the creation of genograms and ecomaps. Essentially the clinician's, nurse's, caseworker's version of a family tree complete with interpersonal relations and attributes.

The Ecomap looks at the family as a system in a larger ecosystem. Ecomap examples created easily with Genogram Analytics software.

Genograms and ecomaps
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