The first day of school

Let them have about 10 minutes or so to do this. And of course, the most important: Philippines[ edit ] The government school calendar in the Philippines usually begins in June every year.

The students read their own letter. I guess those reasons trump my nostalgia. This will keep them occupied while you deal with the inevitable confusions of the first few moments of class. Be sure to cut between the words like a puzzle. The students are very interested in the personal life of the teacher at this age.

Share your photos There are still plenty of schools that start after Labor Day. Have students share these results. I take a digital picture of it and use them in a PowerPoint. Greece[ edit ] The first day of school in Greece is September 11, or the first Monday following if September 11 is a Saturday or Sunday.

Introducing Your Subject s For some teachers, the first step is helping students to understand what they are going to learn this year. Even if you plan to allow students to choose their own seats at some point in the future, you still want to assign seats on the first day. Turning over a new Leaf On the first day of school students see their names written on a leaf that is hanging from a tree in our reading center.

Start with a Challenge This is especially effective for older students or for classes in which you want to set a specific tone. I take a large piece of poster board, and mark out lines that can be cut into pieces. Debbie Coria Sentence Strip Unscramble This activity is great to use the first day kids walk in, while you greet new students and their parents.

As a class we each find the spot where our puzzle piece belongs.

Activities for the First Days of School

Read More Having grown up in New England, where I was still writing letters home from summer camp in late August, I was perplexed and awash in nostalgia-fueled angst.

First I tell them to squeeze all the toothpaste onto a paper plate. I will be able to laminate them and use them for next year.

First Day of School

This takes into account 40 weeks of curriculum time for teaching and learning before the start of the national examinations, and six weeks of school vacation at end of the year for teachers and students.

This is great for problem solving and cooperative learning. You may get kids begging to start the book! Yes, the first day of school is extremely exciting, but those first few hours with your students are also critically important.

I typically had them set out at the end of each row, and the students would simply pick up their stack and pass them back. Click here to reserve your spot in the free training.PreS-Gr 1—Step aside, other first day of school books: there's a new school in town.

After construction and a summer of tender loving care from the janitor, Frederick Douglass Elementary's first day finally arrives/5(76).

What NOT to Do the First Day of School

Aug 16,  · FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! It's back to school time and the girls have officially started school! They are in 2nd and 3rd grade! Check out. Chalkboard Signs for First Day & Last Day of School, 8" x 10", Preschool - College in Primary Color Flags for Boys or Girls,Grade Levels: Preschool, Pre.

Books shelved as first-day-of-school: Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg, My Name Is. Yes, the first day of school is extremely exciting, but those first few hours with your students are also critically important.

In fact, they can actually make or break the entire school year. Let the little things go. The biggest mistake I made during my first year of teaching was letting little things go.

The First Day Of School A short story written by Jeffery Deaver for teachers and educators. Indian summer in a small Midwestern suburb, a hot, hot day in early September.

The first day of school
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